Searching for Pemberley by Mary Lydon Simonsen

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Fun interview with 

I have been on a blog tour since November 18, and it has been so much fun. Today, I was interviewed for where I was asked about my writing habits. Here is a part of my response:

"When I begin writing a story, I start with a “brain dump;” that is, I type out a very rough draft of a chapter. Once I have that down, I want my mind to be empty of all other thoughts, so I go for a long walk or I engage in some mindless task, such as sweeping the patio or pruning my shrubs. But when I really need to concentrate on a scene, my favorite thing to do is to get out my Shark steamer and clean my tile floor. Although my husband has gotten used to me talking to myself while I clean the floors, he’s still puzzled why I find it necessary to speak with a British accent. But it does make a difference. If I’m writing about a character from Britain’s upper classes, I talk in a posh accent. If I’m writing dialog for a servant, I affect a lower class accent (my thanks to Masterpiece Theater for producing Upstairs Downstairs, which has both)..." For the complete interview, please visit Fresh Fiction. This is a terrific site.
Review for The Second Date by L Anne Carrington on The Book Shelf: The Second Date is a fine blend of blind dates, food, family, friends, and life. Set in the 1980's, it is written in an easy style, has good humor thrown in, contains the characters of overbearing mother, warring aunts, and the close friend. It's a joy to read as we witness Sonia's journey to find true love. It is a charming book, well-written with sympathetic characters and an all too true story line. There are many shining moments in this book and it is one not to be bypassed in modern romantic reading. For more reviews and information on The Second Date, please click on the tab "The Second Date" above.

Great Review from the Long and Short of It for Searching for Pemberley (for more reviews, click on the "Reviews for SFP" tab above.

An amazingly unique and engrossing tale of three love stories that spans two wars, two continents, and three couples. Searching for Pemberley begins with an American woman searching for the roots of her favorite novel and discovers so much more along the way. An historic and imaginative romance for all times.

On a whim, Maggie Joyce travels with a friend to see Montclair, an old manor house outside of London in post World War II England. Little did she know she’d stumble upon the inspiration for Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice. Intrigued, she decides to investigate more and winds up in the middle of two love stories she never imagined...

Having never read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, I was worried that I would be lost at best and bored at worst. However, Ms. Simonsen not only weaves a beautiful love story but also very craftily explains the ins and outs of Jane Austen’s novel so well that even someone who hasn’t read it will understand and enjoy the novel. Searching for Pemberley is without a doubt a must read for any fan of Pride and Prejudice or simply a fan of people finding one another, beating the odds, and falling in love. For the full interview, please visit:

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Pictures from Regency Era

Pictures are as follows: (1) Two ladies in a phaeton; (2) Seaside bathing; (3) Devonshire Estate – Chatsworth; (4) Day dress; (5) Woman with a harp; (6) Dancing the quadrille at Almack’s; (7) Fashion worn by Darcy’s mother; (8) Promenade at Brighton; (9) Circulating Library at Scarborough; (10) Couple ice skating; (11) Gambling at men’s club; (12) Lady with lap harp; (13) Horsewoman; (14) Jane Austen; (15) May Day parade; (16) Dandies at a horse race; (17) My idea for Pemberley-Montclair; (18) Dancer; (19) Lady at her writing table; (20) Lamplighter; (21) Paying the postman; (22) Sea bathing outfit; (23) Latest fashions; (24) By the seaside at Ramsgate